Raise Your Helping Hand



We are a non-profit organization, we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring a better future. You don’t have to donate money to us to make a difference. Help the beneficiary directly and enjoy the happiness.

We have seen members across thousands of neighborhoods offering help and requesting assistance. We love seeing your efforts and want to make it even easier for neighbors to continue to support each other during this uncertain time.

Important notes: Many areas now have guidelines in place on physical distancing and facial coverings, so please check with your local health officials to protect both yourself and your neighbors. If you have tested positive for coronavirus or suspect that you might be infected, please take appropriate precautions to avoid putting your neighbors at risk.

How to offer or find help in your neighborhood 


  1. Choose the 'NEED HELP' menu option.
  2. Fill the mandatory details.
  3. Write a personal need indicating that you need help and click Submit.


  1. Choose the 'OFFER HELP' menu item. 
  2. Please find the help request submissions listed.
  3. Click on the listed item view the details and contact directly.