Welcome to Angamaly, a beautiful town located in the northernmost tip of Kochi city, Kerala, India. As the northern gateway to the commercial capital of Kerala, Angamaly is an integral part of the Kochi metropolitan area. The town is situated at the intersection of Main Central Road (MC Road) and National Highway 544, with MC Road starting from Thiruvananthapuram and ending at Angamaly at its intersection with NH 544.

Once a hub for aromatic spices and a destination that attracted foreign travelers, Angamaly continues to play a significant role in the state's economy. With an abundance of water resources, the town boasts a prosperous agricultural industry. Surrounded by the towns of South Aluva, Kalady, North Chalakudy, East and West Ghats, Pattiparambu, and Malah, Angamaly offers plenty of attractions for visitors to explore.

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